About Us

Never Gravity was founded in order to strike a balance between beautiful and intuitive design. As a St. Louis based web design and development company, we work with businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and start-ups to ensure they do not sacrifice their true vision when establishing their online presence. At Never Gravity, we do this by offering an affordable, intuitive, and beautiful online experience for you and your visitors.

Our Process




We do everything.

The Team

Dan Gracey

co-founder | back-end ninja

I’ve been analyzing and executing practical, responsive design for years. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time playing with my son (whose toys I enjoy almost as much as he does).

Matt Fick

co-founder | experience architect

I’m an advocate of pixel perfect design, clean layouts and brand recognition. When I’m not meticulously critiquing, I am aspiring to become a chef. Cooking up code AND a delicious meal? Score!

Research & Development

At Never Gravity, we don’t stop at website design. We keep up with current trends in technology and development to provide the best resources for our customers. We are already looking into utilizing augmented reality, artificial intelligence and more to enhance your business’ presence online.