About Us

Giving small businesses the power to do more.

We love helping people start and grow their businesses.

Never Gravity is a small group of experts in Web Design, Marketing, and Business Growth. With over 10 years of experience building small businesses, we can provide results that you’d get from a large marketing firm for a fraction of the cost. Our small size allows us to establish deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

I started Never Gravity to give small businesses the tools they need to be competitive without breaking the budget. We are a web design company that cares deeply about your business and how your website will help it grow.

-Dan Gracey, Owner

Our strategy is simple

Understand your industry

We get to know your business and customers to help drive design decisions. Your website will be designed to attract the right visitors to your website.

Create great content

Relevancy is king in search engines. We’ll help you find inspiration and examples of killer content that will make your site more reputable and bring you more visitors.

Design for intuition

An easy-to-use site will keep visitors engaged and direct them to where you want them to go. Beautiful websites are not only appealing, but will also help you sell.

Tell everyone

We’ll work with you to develop a strong social media presence and advertising campaigns. The key to boosting your online presence is advertising to the right people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Our process is what sets us apart

We go the extra mile to build the right strategy for your website.


At the start of your project, we do a deep-dive of your business and customers to gather inspiration for design, content, and marketing.


We’ll create a plan for how your visitors will click through your site’s pages in order to maximize selling potential.


During the design phase, we’ll produce multiple design options for your site and get feedback from you to ensure everything looks just right.

Build and Test

This is where things get real! We’ll begin to turn all of the designs into a functional website where we can test to make sure everything is working as expected.

Launch and Maintain

On launch day, we’ll make your website available to the public and monitor the performance to ensure that the site is functioning as expected.


It’s time to start telling people about your site. We’ll guide your social media marketing and advertising to get visitors to your site who are interested in what you have to offer.

Get A Free Proposal

We’ll give you a step-by-step plan and pricing so you’ll know exactly what it will take to get your project done the right way.

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