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Never Gravity Web Design was founded in 2016 in response to seeing many businesses being taken advantage of by mediocre web designers and agencies overpromising and under-delivering. We saw everything from templated, cookie-cutter web design to poorly developed features and decided that things needed to change.

We spent a lot of time up-front researching the the best tools, industry-leading features, and best practices to ensure that we deliver the quality of work that provides a huge return for our clients’ investment. On top of that, we decided early on that the business will remain self-funded so that we can maintain control over the quality, support, and affordability that our customers expect.

Never Gravity’s approach to web design puts transparency and communication at the forefront of the relationship. This ensures that you are seeing the value of your investment and informed about each design decision along the way.

Our mission is to ensure that every business has a high-quality, engaging, and functional website that captivates the attention of their audience and maximizes the efficiency of the business.

Outstanding Quality + Lasting Partnerships

Communication, availability, and quality of work are the backbone of our service. We go beyond a transactional relationship, building genuine connections with our clients. Whether you’re a small business getting started online or an established entity in need of a digital makeover, we’re here for you. At Never Gravity Web Design, our expertise is not just about creating beautiful websites; it’s about crafting lasting partnerships to ensure that your business succeeds.

Exceeding Expectations

“Making the decision to invest in my small business with a website was not an easy one. I am now thankful that I did! The guys at Never Gravity Web Design made it easy and I never feel alone. If I have any questions they are there, and they are always looking to improve my site as we move forward. I did months of searching for the right company and Never Gravity has exceeded any expectations I might have had! I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking to have a professional presence on the web.”

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Leenhorn Studios

Music Studio – Wildwood, Misouri

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Why choose us over other web design companies?

Attention to detail

Many websites are built to adapt to desktop and mobile screen sizes, but what about all of the sizes in-between? We make sure that your layout doesnt break – at ANY screen size.

Simplifying the Complex

Many development processes are deeply technical, which is why we break down the process of implementation into easy to understand steps so you know exactly what you are getting and why.

High-end Functionality

We don’t make sacrifices when it comes to meeting the needs of your business. Every feature we provide has a reputation for being best-in-class. No website builders or templates.

Lasting Support

The job isn’t over once your site launches. We continue to monitor your website for enhancement opportunities and are here to help if any technical issues arise.

Never Gravity’s Web Design Process

1. Discovery

At the start of your project, we do a deep-dive of your business and customers to gather inspiration for design, content, and marketing.

2. Planning

We’ll create a plan for how your visitors will click through your site’s pages in order to maximize selling potential.

3. Design

During the design phase, we’ll produce multiple design options for your site and get feedback from you to ensure everything looks just right.

4. Build & Test

This is where things get real! We’ll begin to turn all of the designs into a functional website where we can test to make sure everything is working as expected.

5. Launch & Maintain

On launch day, we’ll make your website available to the public and monitor the performance to ensure that the site is functioning as expected.

6. Market

It’s time to start telling people about your site. We’ll guide your SEO and advertising to get visitors to your site who are interested in what you have to offer.

A Phased Approach

Each project is split into a series of Phases to help manage expectations. You know exactly what the next milestone is and what we need to do to get there.

Phase 1: Discovery & Content

The first steps in your website build include extensive industry and competitor research, followed by SEO research and content creation. These initial steps are the backbone to any successful web design strategy.

Phase 2: Design

During the design phase, we use the inspiration from the Discovery phase to create realistic mockups of what your website will look like, following a series of steps from rough sketches to the final, polished design.

Phase 3: Development and Testing

This is where things get real! We take the visual design of your website and turn it into a fully-functioning experience, bringing you along for feedback and testing so you know exactly what to expect when your site launches.

Finding solutions that work

“Never Gravity made the process very easy by presenting us with iterations of the site at every point in the project cycle. This ensured that the website and its functionality requirements turned out exactly how we had hoped. The communication, the availability, and the quality of work were A+. Some of our requirements were not easy to implement but Dan and his team did a great job of finding solutions that worked for us.”

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Aggranite Sinks

Sink Supplier – Lincoln, NE

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Certifications and Partnerships

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