Small team.
Large Impact.

We bring experience comparable to some of the largest design consultancies out there, but with a fraction of the cost and a more intimate relationship with our clients. We believe in a deep-level of transparency when working on a project, which keeps everyone in-step throughout the entire process.


Human-centered design is all about building a deep empathy with the people you’re designing for; generating tons of ideas; building a bunch of prototypes; sharing what you’ve made with the people you’re designing for, and eventually putting your innovative new solution out in the world. – Ideo

We’ve created a process for doing Human-Centered Design that can be custom-tailored to fit any project.

The Team

Dan Gracey

co-founder | back-end ninja

I’ve been analyzing and executing practical, responsive design for years. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time playing with my son (whose toys I enjoy almost as much as he does).

Matt Fick

co-founder | experience architect

I’m an advocate of pixel perfect design, clean layouts, and brand recognition. When I’m not meticulously critiquing, I am aspiring to become a chef. Cooking up code AND a delicious meal? Score!

We are small, but mighty

We offer an end-to-end suite of services that can tackle any size project