Design challenges begin next week!

We love a good challenge. That’s why we started this new series of Design Challenges. The idea is simple…find random things and create a design from them. A fallen twig + a few words cut out of a magazine could be transformed into a compelling advertisement for a woodworking studio. Or, the last photo taken on someone’s iPhone (hopefully PG-13) + a piece of broken office furniture could be rendered into a beautiful new product design.

So, why are we doing this? Great question. When we are working on a website or design project, we can’t really show any “behind the scenes stuff” or “work in progress” due to a number of reasons. These Design Challenges allow us to give you all a peek into our process of creating a polished product. It’s not a simple sketch-to-code process. As designers, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve, always looking for sources of inspiration, battling perfectionism, and debating over the use of Oxford commas.

Another thing that really excites us is being able to connect more with you through feedback and comments. We really enjoy your perspectives and we encourage your participation in these challenges by submitting challenges of your own….or just sending random images of things to mash together into a design.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy these challenges. Coming Monday 1/16…RandomBrand #1.

Written by Daniel

Design, Development, and Human Centered Design junkie. I live and breathe web and graphic design. I took the red pill.

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