Once Upon a Logo Design

Since it’s raining outside and I can’t do yard work, I figured this would be a good opportunity to talk about some design stuff. Early on, one of our biggest challenges was coming up with an identity for Never Gravity. This challenge is one that all start-ups inevitably face, and has a huge impact on how people understand and remember your business.

Our main goal was to create a simple image that, at a glance, you’d know it was us.

We began by creating a list of words/phrases that define what we do and what we represent. Then, we chose the top ten from the list and wrote an explanation about why the item defines us.

On a separate list we jotted down some design elements that we wanted to use. We asked ourselves two important questions: “Which of these match our top ten?” and “Can we re-use these elements everywhere to get a consistent look and feel?”

A few things from our list were: Futuristic, Clean, Pixel-Perfect. We matched those up with some of the design elements, and “Pixels” became the recurring theme.

When we got into sketching, we had to come up with a way to combine our design elements into a meaningful arrangement. What we ended up with is what you see today:

  • A group of pixels arranged into a stylistic “space-craft”
  • A surface that the ship is either “lifting-off” from or “touching-down” on
  • An accent color that shows energy or power to the craft.

So, what does it mean? In a nut-shell, the logo represents being above the norm, always exploring and finding better ways of doing things. We use this process in all of our logo design projects. We find that it aids in the discovery of a business’ true goals. Every time you see your logo, it is a reminder of why you do what you do.

Written by Daniel

Design, Development, and Human Centered Design junkie. I live and breathe web and graphic design. I took the red pill.

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