Gateway Essential Oils

Fostering a Community of Essential Oils Advocates

With an established social media following, GEO needed a way to share their community of Essential Oils support with those who haven’t experienced essential oils for themselves. To do this, we explored the way their Facebook community communicates with new and existing members. We developed a number of “voices” to aid in creating content for visitors on the site.


essential oils community


User Experience Strategy
User Interface Design
Front & Back-end Development

Voices of the Community Research

Dana the Do-it-yourself-er

Dana likes to share creative tips and tricks along with oil blends that can replace current products you use every day.



Clean and safe uses for the family and household


Universal ways to make oils more relatable

Oil Support and Knowledge

We developed a back-end interface that allows GEO to create oil recipes for specific topics that users are interested in. This allows both new and existing oil users to explore curated essential oils combinations in a safe and supported environment. Prominent Calls to Action are embedded within the website to ensure that users can easily ask questions and get answers as they move throughout the experience.