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Fostering a Community of
Essential Oils Advocates

With an established social media following, GEO needed a way to share their community of Essential Oils support with those who haven’t experienced essential oils for themselves. To do this, we used their Facebook community as inspiration for their website.

Our Design Approach

Social Media Insights

Using GEO’s strong Facebook community, we analyzed the posts and interactions by group members to understand the different “voices” that were prominent. The insights we gathered allowed us to create specific personas that represent the diverse demographic within the community. This helped us make design and content decisions, tailored to the people who are exploring essential oils for the first time. 

Oil Support and Knowledge

We helped bring the community of oils advocates to every page of GEOs website with oil recipes, topics, and articles about proper usage. This allows both new and existing oil users to explore essential oils in a safe and supportive environment.

Website Features

Custom Page Templates

We created a backend area on GEO’s site where they could select options and add text which would automatically be formatted into a unique layout on the front end.

Responsive design
Articles and information to guide visitors
Multiple calls to action
Icons for tabbed content

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