Nehring Design

Branding Spaces Through Collaboration

As a small independently owned and operated Architecture and Interior Design firm located in the heart of Webster Groves, Nehring Design revitalizes company brands by listening to their clients, discovering their true identity, and showcasing it through their design. It was a truly collaborative effort between Never Gravity and Nehring to cohesively craft their site. We molded their vision and translated their thought process into an intuitive user experience.

Contrasting design Aesthetics

Our challenge was to bring Nehring’s sophisticated design aesthetic to the web. We began by implementing a strict grid system throughout the site to align text, photos, logos, and related content to create a clean, well-maintained style. This method of design caters to the architectural side of Nehring’s brand. While the large photography, unique layouts, and clean page designs play to Nehring’s visual strengths, showcasing their work in all its glory.

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