Next Steps Inc.

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Indoor Wayfinding App

Next Steps provides an indoor GPS app to help people navigate through complex campuses. We designed a site for them that showcases the app’s features and provides a way to get hands-on experience.

Website Features

Prominent App Images

We wanted to keep the images of their app as a focal point throughout the site. As the site scales down from desktop to mobile, the app images stay fairly large and are used as a prominent intro to each section.

Features and Benefits

To achieve the goal of describing the app’s features and how it is used, we designed their How It Works page to focus primarily on the app screens to help tell the story.

Multiple calls to action

Next Steps has a variety of options for their visitors to engage with their app. We created multiple forms that explain clearly what the visitor can do to experience the app. We differentiated the form styles to make it clear that there are two paths to choose from.

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