Nurses for Newborns


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Every Baby Deserves a Promising Start and a Bright Beginning.

Nurses for Newborns approached us to redesign their website that was in need of an improved architecture and updated theme. We created a multi-site for each of their locations, modernized their brand, and automated the routing of contact requests.

The Redesign

Nurses for Newborns’ website was missing a key distinction between their multiple locations. We split their locations into independent websites in order to present relevant content for visitors in their hometown. Along with a new architecture, we updated their existing branding with modern fonts, graphics, and imagery that better told their story.




We expanded NFN’s existing color palette into graphics and icons which softened the brand image. We established a new font style that made the website more approachable. High-quality images of babies and their families were used more frequently to connect their audience with the content.

We updated NFN’s contact form to include departments that handle specific requests. The emails are automatically directed to that department, saving hours of manual labor.
We developed a template for NFN’s events and careers that dynamically updates their listings based on the event date. The team enters simple details about the event and the information is automatically formatted and scheduled.

We integrated with NFN’s existing CRM and donation platforms to send information directly to those platforms. This eliminated the neeed for linking to external websites. Everything is done within NFN’s website pages.

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