O’toole Design Associates

It’s Simple. They Make Client Spaces Work

It’s important to create aesthetically pleasing spaces (and websites), but, they are not all for show. Quite often, in fact, the design actually needs to be functional. That’s where O’Toole Design Associates thrives. With projects spanning so many different types of businesses, we wanted to capture the essence of their functional and tailored design style. To do so, we used branded accents and design elements throughout, infusing O’Toole’s brand message and aesthetic into each page.

Branded Design Elements

After scouring their brand assets, we placed a unique lens on a particular brand icon. Through an exploration of different design principles it was clear repetition and scale were the right fit. The pattern was a clean vector-based graphic. This would allow it to render clearly on any device or screen resolution. You don’t want your images or icons to be blurry on higher resolution screens.

Design Samples

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