Winter is Coming

This year flew by…WOW! It seems like we’ve been in a non-stop coding marathon for the past 9 months! We are grateful and excited for all of the positive feedback and referrals we have been receiving! It’s validation that we are doing something right!

Winter is coming and it’s pretty much the best time to put your business online or refresh your site to attract the attention of those hibernating humans! Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and Mobile Appearance are also good things to assess before heading into the cold season. Think about it: On those cold days where you are pulling all of the blankets out of storage and off the beds to curl up in a “Blanket Burrito” (thanks Anna) what’s the one thing that brings you comfort? Surfing on your phone or tablet.

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We’ll be spinning up some recommendations for browsing and entertainment soon to help guide you through the dreary winter months. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the icons below for more.

Some new stuff:

    • We’ve got a top-secret social app that we are prototyping and will have more to share once we’ve made it into the testing phase
    • 3 New web sites are in the queue for the remainder of 2016 and early 2017. Excited to bring more beauty to the web!
    • Looking for a few new clients for next year, tell your friends!
    • Our Research & Development department will spin up next summer! We are really excited to work with other entrepreneurs to help bring their creative visions to life! More to come on that soon.

“Don’t yearn for next year, reflect proudly upon this one.” -Dan

Written by Daniel

Design, Development, and Human Centered Design junkie. I live and breathe web and graphic design. I took the red pill.

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