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Let’s make a site that sells.

Whether you have a physical retail store or going fully digital, we can launch a shop for your products and services fast!

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Get an online shop that gets noticed!

Your digital storefront needs to have a beautiful and user-friendly design to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

With Never Gravity’s ecommerce web design services, you’ll get a shop that looks beautiful and designed to sell. Your products will be easy to update and organize, your shop will be optimized for search engines, and your fulfillment process will be intuitive for you and your customers.

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“Never Gravity made the process very easy by presenting us with iterations of the site at every point in the project cycle. This ensured that the website and its functionality requirements turned out exactly how we had hoped. The communication, the availability, and the quality of work were A+.”
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Ecommerce Web Design Features

Custom Shop Design

Your ecommerce shop should be unique. We’ll work with you to develop a custom brand and theme for your ecommerce shop so you stand out from your competition.

Easy Product Management

We develop all of our ecommerce sites to allow you to add and maintain your products and services like a pro! We provide tutorials and support to ensure that your ecommerce site is running exactly how you expect.

SEO & Content

To get your products noticed, we’ll recommend content and keywords for your ecommerce site that match the expectations of what people are searching for. See our Search Engine Optimization services for more info.

Custom Development

If your site is in need of something extra, whether it be connecting to 3rd party services like Quickbooks, or creating a visual builder for a custom product, we’ve got you covered!

The Ecommerce Design Process

1. Discovery

To kick off the ecommerce web design process, we look at other ecommerce shops wihtin your industry to get inspiration on the ideal experience to provide for your customers. We uncover what is working, what is not, and what can help you stand out from the crowd.

During this phase, we’ll create a plan for collaborating together and setting expectations for how your website will be built and delivered.

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Competitive Landscape

Drawing inspiration from other ecommerce websites within your industrty and analyzing your target audience.

Keyword Research

Looking at trending products within your industry to determine the best content to use for your products and services.

Product Inventory

Collecting information and images for your products to get a sense for how your shop will need to be organized.

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2. Design

Utilizing inspiration from the top ecommerce shops, we will create a theme for your brand that highlights your unique business aspects through high quality images and graphic design.

Our process of designing ecommerce websites goes through a collaborative journey of rough ideas to a final, polished product.

Shop Design

Creating a visual flow through your product pages to help guide customers to what they are looking for.


Building a cohesive look for your brand that is used across your website pages to create a consistent look and feel.

Website Mockups

Creating full website page designs that represent how your site will look when it is viewed on multiple devices.

3. Development

We’ll turn your website design mockups into a fully-functioning experience and test with you to make sure everything is amazing!

During the ecommerce development phase, we will test the shopping experience as well as how you will fulfill orders and communicate with your customers.

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Mobile Ready

Ensuring that your website design adapts to all screen sizes and looks its best wherever your visitors are coming to shop your store.


Implementing code and optimizing large images to reduce the time it takes for your site’s pages take to load. Ensuring that you dont miss a customer opportunity.


Tagging and adding information to your products so that search engines can find and show them to people who are actively shopping online.

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