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Our process for designing new websites



At the start of your project, we get to know your business, industry, and target customers to understand how to deliver the best experience possible for both the customer and your business. We will analyze your internal processes to find opportunities for automation and explore your competition to determine how to make your website stand out.

During this phase, we provide a list of tasks, requirements, and timeline for your project to make sure we are delivering to expectations.

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Industry and Competition Analysis

We will gather a list of competitors and others in your industry to determine features for your website and inspiration for attracting your target audience.

SEO Research

We will use our list of competitors and industry websites to uncover keywords and content that will give you the best chance of ranking higher in search.

Asset Collection

We will collect brand assets, data, content, and any other existing information that will influence the design and development process.

Leenhorn Studios website design mockups


During the design phase, we will use the inspiration and research from the Discovery phase to create realistic mockups of what your website will look like.

This is done through a series of steps from rough wireframes to the final, polished design. Incorporating your feedback and approval along the way.

Branding and Mood

We will create a cohesive look and feel for your website’s design in order to maintain consistency throughout the different pages of your website.


These are grayscale mockups used to show where design and content will be placed. These quick design mockups help convey the structure and layout of your site before the visual design is started.

Visual Design

We utilize your branding and wireframes to create the final, polished design of your website’s theme. These designs will be a representation of how your website will look once it is developed.



This is where things get real! We’ll take the visual design of your website and turn it into a functioning experience.

During this process, we’ll build everything on a staging site so you can see the website as it is being built and test everything before we launch.

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Responsive Development

Your website will be built to look its best on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Your text, images, and other features will automatically reorganize to be a perfect fit for the size of the screen.

Search Optimization & Speed

We’ll structure your content and optimize your images and site speed to meet Google’s Search Optimization recommendations. This will make your website fast, accessible, and increase your changes to rank higher in search.


We’ll leverage the highest quality applications to automate your business and eliminate manual tasks. We’ll develop solutions that will help you focus on running your business, not pushing paper.

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