Search Engine Optimization

Get higher rankings on search engines by creating great content, and listing your business everywhere.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process of making your website appear more frequently in front of people who are searching for your product or service. Without at least a basic SEO strategy for your site, your visitors will have a hard time finding you. And you don’t want that, right?

SEO Strategies

Get your business listed on major directories

We make sure your business is claimed on all major business directories so you show up when people search for your service locally. We’ll give you the ability to update and maintain your listing on your own by adding photos, content, and business information.

Keyword research and content creation

Getting ranked #1 on Google is hard. Don’t let anyone fool you. It takes time and effort to research the right keywords, develop relevant content, and structure your site for search engines. Our approach to search engine optimization starts with getting Google to trust your content, making it easier for your website to quickly become more competitive.

Our SEO process


SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization is a tactical and time-consuming endeavor. The first step is to analyze your current site (if you have one), then focus on how your competitors are ranking. We use a number of keyword strategies, content strategies, local search tactics, and organic lead generation to get your business noticed.


Content Creation

There are a number of ways to create engaging content for your visitors. We help develop content that proves your site’s relevancy on Google and Bing. We’ll design a customized content plan for your business to help you out-rank the competition.

Local and Organic Rankings

We focus your rankings in two areas Local and Organic. Local Search is for businesses with a physical location that serves customers in a particular area. Organic Search targets specific keywords and content that drives search traffic to your site. We’ll create a custom SEO strategy that fits with your type of business.


Consistent Citations

Getting your business listed across numerous directories will increase the chances of being discovered by people searching for your product or service. We’ll ensure that your business is listed on multiple channels and that your information is consistent across them.

SEO Maintenance

Google Analytics

We integrate Google Analytics with your website to produce reports on how your visitors are interacting with your pages. Using this data, we can make informed decisions on any changes that need to be made to increase clicks.

Page Speed Analysis

As we develop the site, we continually run checks on your website’s speed and usability. We ensure that the site is performing optimally on desktop, tablet, and mobile according to Google standards.

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