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What’s involved in a website redesign?

A website redesign can be as simple as creating a modern look for your website or as complex as updating your website’s code, features, and content. Depending on your goals, there are two options for redesigning your website: a full website redesign, or a website refresh.

Full Website Redesign

When a website’s code, features, and visual design become out-of-date, a full website redesign is your best option.

Website Refresh

If your website is in need of a visual design update, then a website refresh is the best option for you.

Website Redesign Services

Website Analysis

We’ll analyze your existing website to detect any speed and search performance issues. We’ll provide a detailed report with an inventory of updates and a timeline to fix.

Branding Design

If your site’s visual design is in need of an update, we’ll create a modern look for your website by updating fonts, graphics, and imagery.

Mobile Design

Every site should look good on mobile devices. We can update your site to adapt to different screen sizes. This will ensure that your site looks great wherever people are viewing it.

Search Optimization

In order to rank higher in search results, your site needs to be structured properly and have good content. We’ll adjust your pages to have the right information and formatting to get your site noticed.


Adding services to your website can help your business run more efficiently. We offer the best solutions for integrating services like email automation, contact management, payment gateways, and more.

Platform Development

If you are running on an outdated platform or have a hand-coded website, we can move you to a more robust platform that allows you to maintain your site and provides more security for your website.

The website redesign process

1. Analyze & Plan

We will meet with you to discuss your goals for the website redesign, then run an analysis on your website to detect any issues with your speed and search performance.

Once we have an inventory of potential changes, we will plan out a timeline and strategy for tackling your redesign.

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2. Design & Develop

Utilizing your existing website content along with new content recommendations, we will create the design of your website in stages and get your approval along the way.

A staging website will be set up to develop the new changes for your website, separately from your existing website.

3. Test & Launch

We will test your site’s speed and search performance to ensure the redesign is performing better than your current site, and that the goals of the project have been met.

After testing, we will publish your redesigned website to replace your existing site, test again, and hand everything off to you!

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